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“As far back as I can remember I have never been in shape.  No matter what I did, my weight fluctuated by at least 20 pounds over the past three years. I thought I was doing well with my eating habits. I started exercising but my weight was still all over the place. After a trip to the doctor when I saw I was the heaviest I had been since college, I decided I needed help.

You get a lot of value for the price. AC helps with nutrition advice including a nutrition prescription, provides you with recipes that she has tested or made herself, and is able to take into account your dietary restrictions. She also helped me when I was injured to stay on track with my goals. When I was healed but not able to do my usual exercises yet, I was doing a routine of elliptical and weights that I was getting bored of so AC provided me with some other options.

I have been meeting with AC for a little over a year now. In that time, I have learned what portions really look like, how to eat more balanced meals, and that you can still eat dessert if you budget it in by planning your day in advance. I currently have as much muscle as I did when we first started tracking it, but I am down about 30 pounds in weight. It is hard to pick the success that has made me the happiest since I have seen so much improvement in the last year. What barely edges out all the other successes is how I feel in my clothes. My clothes were always tight and now I find that the overall fit is just better.”


I have also loved lifting weights, but never understood the importance of workout fuel. She’s keeping me going strong during grueling workouts and making sure I’m losing fat, not muscle.” 


“My nutrition habits were not great.  I ate too many sweets.  What I didn’t realize I was that, by habit, I never ate enough protein.  I also bought into the anti-carbo thing (yes, I’ll admit it). The main reason I chose to meet with Addie were my issues with diabetes, high cholesterol, and high body fat.

The success that has made me happiest is understanding the value of my protein intake and how to generally count macros. Another big one is seeing the correlation from following Addie’s advice and changes in my body composition. The most successful thing, though, is that my A1C count is now back below diabetic levels!

I trust that she knows what she is doing, but, almost as important, she doesn’t make anyone feel stupid.  Her inherent kind nature shines through.”


I had never been to an RD, and though I was working out 5-7 times a week, I was not seeing results, so I knew I needed to shake up my nutrition…


“… I chose to keep seeing Addie because she is knowledgeable, friendly, down to earth, and really helpful. Addie’s advice was invaluable, and I have made a lifestyle change over the past 10 months. I make a lot healthier eating decisions every day, which have been informed over time by her advice and guidance. I now appreciate the importance of making healthy decisions but not limiting myself in a way that’s too restrictive or unattainable in the long term.” 


"I would refer someone to Addie if they are ready to learn how to better care for their bodies - whether it be weight gain, weight loss, or even just better eating habits. She is a trove of information, and will tailor your sessions to your goals--and will even work with you to define those goals, and redefine them once you achieve them. But you have to be ready to put in the work. She can’t do it for you - but she can show you how, in an effective, safe, and sustainable manner."


"The most important service you can get from Addie is a thoughtfulness, start thinking about your diet and what your needs are. Addie is non-judgmental, and understands your life doesn’t always allow for you to eat organic, fat-free quinoa with a side of baby kale, sometimes you have no choice but to eat fast food or at a gas station. She helps you think about the choices you make and make the best possible you can."


"AC will teach you how to make lifestyle changes rather than make you feel like you are on a constant diet. Her common sense approach to nutrition, which includes not making your feel guilty for having an off day, is the best. If something isn’t working for you, then she will help you find something that does."


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